I am a game designer and developer, with a myriad of projects under my belt. My work has spanned mobile, console, PC and augmented reality. Some of the things I’ve done are featured below.

Tinker league

Tinker League is a brand new twist on the multiplayer brawl game, currently in development!

Play as a mouse competing to score a birthday cake in a moving goal. Use a bevy of attacks to usurp control of the cake from your friends, and play in a variety of game modes that all put a sports-themed-twist on a deceptively deep meta game.

I, Hope

I, Hope is the very first game on major platforms to donate 100% of proceeds to charity. Designed to be a poignant and cathartic adventure for children and families battling cancer, it tells the story of Hope, a young girl whose home is attacked by a monster called Cancer. Hope must travel to nearby floating islands to find the weapons she needs to defeat this enemy…

2017 Gaming For Everyone Award - Microsoft


High octane multiplayer vehicle combat! Deathcrank was my first PC game, and a hell of a lot of fun to build and play. Though it was a game meant as a learning experience, there did end up being (code-wise) a few fancy things under the hood (pun intended) like lag mitigation in the net code. Though there’s no active online community, the game is still for sale on Steam and a great time for local multiplayer.