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   Desert Critters Animated Short Film
By Mahesh Pagar
Thursday, Apr 28, 2016 09:11

Desert Critters is a beautifully animated short film about a Fox and little puppy. Where a Desert Fox finds his everyday life ruined when he gets tailed by a younger puppy that just wants to be his friend!

Animation style and character designs are appealing and definitely complement each other. Both are perfectly suitable for the tone and theme of the story. The story explores classic hook where two characters with different motivations and spines come together. Desert Critters is entertaining and the appealing characters in it stay with you.

I hope you enjoy it.

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By Tim Sormin
Tuesday, Apr 26, 2016 04:46

McKenna Harris' second year (!) CalArts film wrecked me in 30 seconds. Enjoy! :)

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   Ma'agalim - Jane Bordeaux
By William Marsh
Monday, Apr 25, 2016 04:02

Ma'agalim - Jane Bordeaux from Uri Lotan on Vimeo.

Hi all,

I came across this video last week and thought it was definatily worth sharing with you guys because its screaming with so much appeal. I love the idea, the design of the characters, the nice wooden and metal texture. everything has been done to a very high standard.

Enjoy and Have a great week!


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   Upon The Rock Animated Short Film
By Mahesh Pagar
Thursday, Apr 21, 2016 09:41

Upon the rock is an experimental animated short film. The beauty of it is that how convincingly it pulls off the repetition and repetition with unique changes as a main storytelling mechanism. At the end it grows upon you.

The sound effects and what's happening is depicted with minimalistic nature brilliantly. It certainly works in this context. As a storyteller, when revealing story beats it's a great skill to  realize How little is too much.
In Upon The Rock storyteller puts us into this paradox of Complex Simplicity. We are left with visuals and sound effects that repeatedly assault our senses while we are still curious about what happens next.

I encourage you to experience it.

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