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   Tribute to Miyazaki Hayao
By Jason Bolla
Friday, Jul 31, 2015 11:38

My first Miyazaki film was My Neighbor Totoro, and every time we went to the video rental store I'd choose Totoro. My mom always asked if I'd rather watch something else, but my answer was always no. That store closed though, and I eventually "forgot" about Totoro. Other things entered my life, and while I saw commercials for thinks like Kiki's Delivery Service and Spirited Away, it wasn't until I was a teenager that I found my love for them, realizing they were from Miyazaki. As every teenager does, I went through a big phase of collecting everything I could find that had Miyazaki connected to it - be it Ghibli or pre-Ghibli (like Puss and Boots). Over a decade later, my phase of loving Miyazaki never ended. I managed to see his last few films in theaters, I own almost everything he's made that's publically/legally available (this set is going to be GLORIOUS), and I can't wait to see his 3D endeavor about the caterpillar (a shorter version of the story he wanted to tell if Mononoke Hime didn't get made, perhaps?). The film above is a beautiful tribute, mixing 3D environments with the original frames. Combine that with Hisaishi's sentimental and ever recognizable One Summer's Day, and you've got magic. 

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   Deathsong by Malcolm Sutherland
By Mahesh Pagar
Thursday, Jul 30, 2015 11:24

Death is a fascinating phenomenon. (I already see some of you are getting uncomfortable). Actually it totally depends on a person how one chooses to see it. But the Death /After-death always has been an inspiration for literary writers, poets, philosophers and film makers. Because like the dreams, the unknown part of after death is fascinating.

If you asked optimist his view of death might be somewhat poetic but if you ask nihilist his view might be entirely different. In some cultures the death is celebrated, in some there's the re-birth cycle.

In this beautiful short, Malcolm Sutherland takes us through the spiritual journey of death. The spiritual struggle between the life and the death, finally how the soul makes the peace with it, it all has been portrayed with utter brilliance.

I really loved how the background music and chanting helps to build the spiritual tension in Malcolm Sutherland's Deathsong.

So what do you really think of death?

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   Rio2 Animation Explained
By Carlina Prawirawidjaja
Monday, Jul 27, 2015 08:30

RIO2 Animation Explained from Patrick Giusiano on Vimeo.

I always enjoy seeing a shot progression because there are a lot to learn from it! The video above is Patrick Giusiano's animation workflow used on Rio 2. It is really amazing to see how the challenges on each shots being tackled. The shot progression also shows a great attention to details. I used to think 'attention to detail' as our ability to animate very carefully so that we got the body mechanics and the performance and the acting right, which ultimately and hopefully will make our idea clear and understandable by the viewers. In addition, I also used to think of it as an ability to notice a hiccup in our shot, which improved as we train our eyes to check on our animation. However, after watching some shot progressions, I discover a new thing about 'attention of detail'. I start to think and understand it as an ability to understand all the necessary element in a shot, such as the idea, camera works, the characters, acting, and so on. I think we should always take these elements into consideration on our animation workflow. Therefore, we could improve our 'attention to detail' ability. This is truly an amazing work and thank you, Patrick, for sharing it with us!

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   Tangled as Told by Emoji
By Jason Bolla
Saturday, Jul 25, 2015 09:45

Sony Animation recently announced that they'd be making a feature film about... Emoji. While there may be some confusion as to how they'll pull this off, it's not like a story is impossible to be told with emoji. For example, Disney has been taking it upon themselves to tell their movies in the style of emoji, the most recent being Tangled. I've never seen Tangled, yet I got the main plot points/story from watching the emoji version. Would you like to see a full length film about emoji, or do you think you'd rather stick with shorts like the one above?

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