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   Mumbai Madness | A Mickey Mouse Short
By Mahesh Pagar
Thursday, Aug 27, 2015 10:45

Recently I came across this fun little Mickey Mouse Disney Short on Youtube called Mumbai Madness. The animation short is colorful and hilarious at places.

Mickey embarks on an epic odyssey across India after his auto-riksha picks up an Elephant who needs to make one simple stop.

The attention given to tiny things is really impressive. 

*Spoiler Alert*

I absolutely loved the way director took Mickey through the trials of Hindu Deity Ganesh


PS. Not sure if the video is uploaded by Official Disney, if that's the case I would definitely take down this article. 

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   Monsieur Flap
By William Marsh
Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015 11:54

Monsieur flap from Sympaprod on Vimeo.

Animation has always been about having fun and sharing ideas that are in our minds.

Now, some people have more vivid imaginations than others and what some people might perceive as normal others might find it disturbing.. its what makes us human and it is what makes animation such a unique, diverse and inventive art form..

Here is an animation I saw yesterday.. to me, it's silly, funny and enjoyable. I hope you find it that way too!


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   Tako Faito!
By Jason Bolla
Saturday, Aug 22, 2015 09:30

Giant Ant recently had the opportunity to make something for themselves, and while it's short, it tells a wonderful story. This is the first time the studio has ever used solely cel animation for a project, but it's obviously not their first time using the process in some capacity. Enjoy the fight between this modern day samurai and an octopus (tako). Below is the process.

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   "Amir & Amira"
By Tim Sormin
Thursday, Aug 20, 2015 01:23

This ESMA student film and SIGGRAPH 2015 Jury's Choice Award winner speaks for itself, without any need for words.

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