I’ve been a character animator and digital artist for almost 20 years. Starting in ‘97 as an apprentice in Hollywood, all the way through the present day, I’ve worked on feature film, visual effects, TV, episodic, commercials and games. I am a passionate storyteller and a firm believer in perfecting one’s workflow. I’ve taught animation in some capacity for the last 13 years, be it in online classes, in person workshops and seminars, and multiple publications in the field. This website, was a home for bespoke character animation training for almost 6 years. During that time, I amassed a video library totalling over 100 hours of specific animation training, and have released it in 2019 all for free on Youtube. I also founded a boutique studio in Los Angeles called Arconyx. In 13 years, we completed over 130 projects of all sizes for clients ranging from Disney to Discovery Channel, Nike to Nickelodeon. I’m proud of the work we’ve done, and look towards the future with excitement and prospect.


My company, Arconyx, LLC, is a full-service animation, VFX, and games studio in Los Angeles.

Animation Training

For years this site was a destination for novice and experienced animators, where in-depth video training was updated weekly and events like the “AnimGym” gave one-of-a-kind experiences found nowhere else on the web. That era may be over, but the training can now all be found for free on Youtube. Click below to check it out.


I’ve written five books in three series on the topic of animation and storytelling. I’m proud of these books as they all have a very in-depth focus on the techniques I used that were production-proven. In the future, I am planning on revisiting the topic of animation and storytelling in a new book, but everyone will have to wait and see what that is…