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From the blog...


By Richard Willimot

Friday, Apr 04, 2014
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Unique is the word for today.Fuga is a unique mix of animation styles and live action with a truly unique story.

Presto animation software demonstration

By Tim Sormin

Thursday, Apr 03, 2014
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Video streaming by Ustream

My previous post about Construct directed me toward NVIDIA's recent GTC conference all about how their hardware enables awesome stuff. Construct's live camera is one way to use the hardware. Pixar's Presto animation software is another. Me want.

found via Spline Bomb

"Construct" Teaser

By Tim Sormin

Thursday, Apr 03, 2014
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What's amazing about this, well besides just how amazing the final product looks, is how it's being made/captured/rendered.

Now obviously they're using some ridiculously high-end hardware that is out of the reach of regular consumers, but it won't take long for these rigs to be affordable and for the real-time previz to get even more accurate so you won't have to "pause" so often, if at all to see the render.

found via Vimeo

Back in the Day

By Richard Willimot

Wednesday, Apr 02, 2014
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A fun little "slice of life" short to share today.Trunk Studio seems to have had great fun with Back in the Day. Simple story and simple characters equates to a great short.

Masaaki Yuasa's "Ping Pong" Series

By Tim Sormin

Tuesday, Apr 01, 2014
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I like ping-pong. This exists. Sorry, work is busy today.

found via Cartoon Brew