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   Symphony Of Two Minds
By Carlina Prawirawidjaja
Monday, Nov 02, 2015 04:00

Trailer-1 "Symphony Of Two Minds" from Mecanique Generale on Vimeo.

Above is a video teaser of a new 3D short film, Symphony Of Two Minds, by Mecanique Generale. I love the classical and the baroque theme in the film. The great details in the design really are really brought up to life through the realistic render, making the overall look of the film looks really amazing. The strikes of the vibrant colour contrast the classical theme. They are very intriguing as they make me wonder if they resemblance the two minds of the main characters. The additional characters, which look very different than the main characters, are also very mysterious. Who are they and what is happening here?

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   A Guide to Happy
By Jason Bolla
Thursday, Oct 29, 2015 07:25

A quick little video that is less about the animation, and more about the spoken dialogue. However, the animation serves as a great way to enforce what is being stated, and likely to help you actually understand what is being said. While animation is a great way of telling a story as a standalone, it works wonders in assisting with reinforcing a messaage, especially when it's engaging. So here's a fun test to do - listen to the video first, watch the video without the sound, and then watch it how you would normally. What is the most effective manner of getting the information for you, and which was the most enjoyable experience? Do they line up, or are they different?

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   Lab Zero Animation Bootcamp
By Tim Sormin
Thursday, Oct 29, 2015 04:03

The team from Lab Zero Games (Skull Girls and now working on Indivisible) give a nice introduction to animation and just chat about all things animation for a few hours. The live demo of animating a bouncing happy face ball in Photoshop is awesome enough to forgive the occasional blanking on animation trivia.

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   Alexis's Wish Beautiful Animated Short Film
By Mahesh Pagar
Thursday, Oct 29, 2015 04:00

Alexis's Wish animated short film is deeply meaningful as much as the reason behind it's making. A six year old Alexis, who recently battled acute lymphoblastic leukemia, wished to create a cartoon that would tell her own story in a way her friends could understand and bring awareness to pediatric cancer.

Make-A-Wish® Alaska & Washington and The World Famous team have fulfilled the wish perfectly.

Alexis's Wish has apealing character animation and character designs. The narrating style is simple and familiar like fairy tales.

But in an essence, it's surely an unique one. It even contains beautifully intricated emotional scenes. The background music, specially the sound effects play crucial part in the storytelling of Alexis's Wish.

It's worth mentioning that Alexis has lended her voice to herself in the story. She was even involved with every stage of the short film.

Here's what Executive Creative Director Daniel Brown has to say "We really wanted Alexis's involvement at every stage of the process, from story to design to even having her come in for a VO session to play herself. It's her story, so we really wanted her to inspire everything that happens in the film."

To know more about how Alexis's Wish came to life, read this article of AWN, World Famous Helps Fight Cancer with New Animated Short .

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