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   Danny And The Wild Bunch
By Carlina Prawirawidjaja
Monday, Mar 02, 2015 02:10

DANNY AND THE WILD BUNCH - Short Film from robert rugan on Vimeo.

What if the characters we created are alive? In Danny And The Wild Bunch, this concept is creatively used and developed. Written and Directed by Robert Rugan, this short film tells a story about "a children's book author is told that her new manuscript needs to be "darker", but when her revisions piss off the characters in the book, they come back to make some changes of their own." I am pretty sure that we have seen other animated shorts where the characters become 'alive' and work against the creator, but it seems that this short film is the only one that use 3D animation as a medium. This short film also did a great job on its visual look and design. Another thing that I also like about the film is the character development.

In short, there are two groups in this film; Danny & The Wild Bunch and Miranda. Danny here started as a cheerful leader who seemed to understand his people's (The Wild Bunch) personality really well. Miranda, the aspiring writer, started as the one who claimed that she is the one in charge. The cause of the change of the characters' personality here was very solid and this leads to an interesting role reversal where Dark Danny become the one who is in charge of the situation. It is always very satisfying to see a very well thought character development.

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   150+ "Duelyst" Characters Animated
By Tim Sormin
Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 01:25

So good! Every single frame of every unique and creative character and effect lovingly hand-crafted by Glauber Kotaki and his team of super-talented pixel artists.

found via @PlayDuelyst

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   Worlds Apart Animation Short
By Mahesh Pagar
Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 06:00

Worlds Apart is a Sci-Fi animated short film. One of the things that I liked most is the way it takes us from Unfamiliar to Familiar setting and finally making it as full circle where you care about character and story.

Worlds Apart's story encompasses the theme of Hope. This animated short was completed in early summer 2011, it's created by a talented and motivated group of Cogswell students.  It is written, produced, and directed by Michael Zachary Huber for Cogswell College's Project X animation studio.

This animated short has 3 clear distinct tones, one for initial setting (darker tone), and another one for backstory (brighter tone) and third the final aftermath tone that makes more impact.

There's clever use of similar gestures to connect the 2 worlds in the end and it strengthens the emotional bond even more.   It's one of those beautiful short films where you always remember the end sequence.

Worlds Apart covers lots of story in very short time but it doesn't feel rushed or anything. It also brings back some memories of Toy Story, in a good way.

Here's Official Description of Worlds Apart:

Worlds Apart is about a young family living on a farm in Central California. Their story is set against the backdrop of a possible environmental disaster. The themes of love, friendship, and family twist and turn when the farm is visited by creatures from another planet.

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   Street Fighter V - Nash
By Jason Bolla
Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015 08:30

Capcom's beloved fighting game Street Fighter has a new entry out soon, and this trailer looks at the revival of a character that died previously - but the story isn't important, as the game follows a similar style as SFIV. It's difficult to not fall in love with the art style, especially when you realize the fighting portions are real-time; the game's fights are going to look like that (though this obviously omits the various gauges and time limit). Luckily they have continued to not go for photo-realism, as this style will be timeless.

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