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   Lost Property Animated Short Film
By Mahesh Pagar
Thursday, Nov 26, 2015 09:51

Lost Property is an animated short with a soul. The entire film is without any dialogue and it still manages to move you in short time, it's brilliant. The charming 2D animated short film is written and directed by Asa Lucander.

It's impressive that how lack of dialogue demands more from the visuals and music. Asa uses narrative beats with visuals and music to create motif throughout the short. As film progresses the intensity of beats increases gradually.

Lost Property visuals are incredibly rich in terms of composition, style and magnificent colors. They do stand out on their own as fascinating paintings. There's a slight hint of 3D to it, like with doors or bird from the clock. All the characters are created and animated in Flash while backgrounds are painted in Photoshop.

The story and the way Asa Lucander has told it, using metaphor of doors and compartments for a mind's mechanism are praiseworthy indeed. He has taken familiar and yet unfamiliar world to bring this story to life.

Lost Property is yet another beautifully crafted animated short film, which is a complete story.

 You can check beautiful art work and details of film on it's Official Website

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   Creating the Hand-Drawn Animation of "Jotun"
By Tim Sormin
Thursday, Nov 19, 2015 01:20

Dwarf Spawn

Gamasutra has a great article all about the thought process and techniques used to create the hand-drawn animation of indie game Jotun.

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   Poet Anderson : The Dream Walker
By Mahesh Pagar
Thursday, Nov 19, 2015 12:06

Poet Anderson : The Dream Walker is definitely one my favorite projects in last few years.  Angels & Airwaves band decided to create an animated short for their new album which was going to surround this lucid dreamer, Poet Anderson.

Tom DeLonge Says, "Yeah, when Angels & Airwaves first started we wanted to be more than a band. It took us a long time to get that first movie out, but we learned a hell of a lot by the time we did that. We were able to get a lot of critical acclaim on that, we were able to show that we cared about cinema and took it seriously. We were able to do it independently. We were able to understand the medium and what it takes to create that kind of art."

The concept of story, the characters, backstory and the world of their project is indeed powerful. The animation style of Poet Anderson : The Dream Walker is unique. It's quiet like fluidly animated darker CG Anime.

When I saw the complete animated short, I was blown away by the animation and the execution of concept. The dreams are always have been fascinating realms for storytellers. Whether it's Paprika or Inception or Sandman Series of Neil Gaiman.

There's no doubt that animation is the perfect medium for exploring dream worlds. Because when dream worlds are explored through animation, there are no limits for imagination.

The imagination of Tom DeLonge for The Dream Walker is surreal. The rules and the world are appealing which include Lucid Dreams, Guardians and Night Terrors.

It's so hypnotizing and rapidly paced, that I watched it again and again. I just couldn't get enough of it.

You have got to experience this world, trust me it's worth it!! Cool

You can watch full Poet Anderson : The Dream Walker on itunes here

You can read in-depth interview with the creators behind Poet Anderson here

Here's the good news, actually that's why I am writing this article after a year. Few months ago, Angles & Airwaves launched their own Graphic Novel series for The Dream Walker.

The art work in these Graphic Novels is gorgeous. Check Out this review here

And here's another great news, now there's a full fledged first novel too, based on the animated short!! The name of novel is Poet Anderson : ... of Nightmares.

It's going to be awesome. For this novel Tom DeLonge teamed up with NY Times bestselling author Suzanne Young of The Program series.

You can read about the novel here

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   Mog's Christmas Calamity
By William Marsh
Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015 06:03

Christmas is an exciting time.. even for animation. One of the thing us Brits look forward too is the John Lewis advert because they are very charming and have a good, heart-warming story. Over the last few years John Lewis has played host to many great adverts. The Snowman's Journey, The Bear and the Hare, Monty the Penguin and this year's Man on the moon.

With this being a big thing in Britain (it is like our Superbowl commercial spot) many companies try to equal John Lewis's efforts to create something magical and last year Sainsbury's succeed with a very heart-warming advert of Christmas Day 1914 where the troops laid down their weapons to play a game of football. Link here:

This year.. many met the new John Lewis advert with criticism and disappointment as many people turned to social media to make parodies. However, this year's Sainsbury's advert has been given a much more positive response with the focus being around an animated cat which has similar qualities and characteristics as Garfield and Paddington. Although, there are parts of the film where the cats looks completely CG and that Framestore have annoyingly echoed certain shots from Paddington, the animation is really good and the story is funny and far fetched.

My initial thought wasn't a great one though.. "Better than the John Lewis Advert.."

Have a fun week! 


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