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   "Frozen" Pencil Tests
By Tim Sormin
Thursday, Jan 29, 2015 12:38
A great set of hand-drawn animation tests done by Randy Haycock for Frozen:


This is a test I did for Frozen to explore Anna's personality and how she would move and emote. There was no design on her at the time so I just made up my own generic version of her. The audio was from Kristen Bell's audition.


A Kristoff test. This was to test an actor's voice with some animation. The story and character were completely different from the final film. He was much more of a hopeless (and hapless) romantic in this version.


Another Kristoff test for Frozen. I was trying to push some squash and stretch for the CG animators to see how far they might push it.

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   Confusion Through Sand 2D Animated Short Film
By Mahesh Pagar
Thursday, Jan 29, 2015 08:35

The Confusion Through Sand captures the restlessness of war.  It draws you in really quickly and it has the potential to numb your senses. The Cinematography is extremely dynamic; it reminds me of Battlefield or Rainbow Six Siege gameplay. The depth in most of the scenes is cleverly planned and it can be felt very clearly, when the director leads you through deep space. It's a consistent battle between deep space and flat space, for whole 9 minutes.

Confusion Through Sand is beautifully animated and jittery feel of visuals helps the narrative even more.  The music and sound effects are integral part of the whole storytelling; it pushes audience to understand the intensity of situation.

I loved the way how director drops audience in the middle of the intense situation at the start and still manages to have time to let the audience understand the lead character. It does have little ambiguous end but the whole experience is totally worth it.

Just put on the headphones and watch it without any interruption and let the Confusion Through Sand sink in!

And if you are curious about how they made this intense animated short, here's The Making of Confusion Through Sand

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   Breaching the Seawall | Modern Love
By Jason Bolla
Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015 12:00

By now, you have probably seen a piece from Adam Wells. I never really appreciated the concept of animating to a person's story until a couple years ago, and this is just such an instance. While the story is touching, the accompaniment of Well's clean, almost mechanic style in this case brings it to another level. You see how the the world opens up, and it reads just fine on mute, though that's a testament to his skill. What are your thoughts on this style of animation? Do you like how digital and "perfect" it seems, or do you prefer something more rough around the edges?

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   Donstroy "Heart of The Capital"
By William Marsh
Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015 07:15

Donstroy "Heart of The Capital" Commercial from CGF on Vimeo.

Heart Of The Capital is very calm and creative short film that explores an inspiring subject we all share. Our dreams.

The way this film is edited together is really amazing because it gives the impression of one continuous journey that is shaped around all these weird yet wonderful things happening. Much like our dreams.

I stumbled upon the VFX breakdown, which is just as beautiful and as mind boggling to watch.

I really enjoy the subtle music which compliments the theme of the film nicely.

Below is the VFX breakdown of this film. I think VFX breakdowns are important to watch because to me they highlight how much effort and lengths the artists go to, to create something truley believable and amazing.

Donstroy "Heart of The Capital" Commercial // Making Of from CGF on Vimeo.

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