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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is

Where you are right now, silly!  Seriously, this site is simply a place where animators of all skill levels can subscribe to timely information offered by veteran animator and studio owner Kenny Roy.   Think of this site the same way you would think of flipping on the TV and seeing an animation channel streaming a workshop; timely information coming straight to you.

2. Is a school?

No.  This is not a school, I am not offering a curriculum here.  The videos and other information I post here is meant to be supplemental to, and not a replacement for, a full animation education complete with student/teacher relationships.  You will also find that most of my videos assume a fairly solid understanding of animation principles and experience.  It is for this reason that the videos are conference-style, and are meant for animators of all skill levels from student to pro.  If you want a school, go to AM!  If you want in-depth videos too specific to be covered in most curriculums, come here.

3. What are the video topics?

Since I am doing lectures on timely information, and trying to always address trends in the industry, I am constantly finding new topics to consider.  They will always address in great detail a topic that I've identified as being a trending topic and/or too esoteric or specific to be addressed in as much detail in a full animation curriculum. My @sk Videomail topics are, however, compiled from the emails containing specific questions and topics from my subscribers and followers. I choose the topics that will be the most beneficial to everyone, and I invite every animator to send in any questions they have as there is no such thing as a stupid question, here on

4. How are the videos offered?

The videos are offered as streaming links in the member area of the site.  After the videos have been on the site around 2 months, they are archived to the shopping cart where they can be downloaded for an additional fee.  This makes it so that people who are subscribed to the website at the time a video is released benefit from the timely information, and those that wait to join the site do not benefit from letting the resources amass.  It is therefore in your best interest to subscribe now to take advantage of being a member when a resource is released.

5. How can I download the videos?

Again, the videos are only offered as streaming links for two months.  The idea is you will get all the benefit from the video by applying the knowledge immediately into your workflow.  After those two months the videos are all uploaded to the shopping cart for paid download.  

6. How much does it cost, and how did you come up with this number?

This site is $4.99 a month to subscribe.  There are 3 month and 1 year plans that offer discounts.  That number was derived from pulling numbers from other video tutorial sites.  While the future plan is to allow other artists to contribute timely content, since I am the only one at the moment I have made my site less expensive than other leading sites.  Gnomon's subscription is $499 a year, Lynda is $375.  Since my videos are recorded NEW EACH MONTH, the timeliness and current-nature of this site has to come at a premium.  Also, since switching from blogger, I'm feeling the pain of hosting fees!

7. What do you mean by "conference-style" or "workshop-style"?

I keep saying that don't I?  What I mean is that the videos have the same in-depth quality, but also the concise delivery of a workshop that you might attend at CTN or Siggraph.  The idea is to get the most valuable information across to the members in the clearest way possible.  Ever wanted to go to one of these conferences, but never had the money to travel or buy a pass?  For less than the price of an all conference pass to Siggraph, you can get a YEARLY subscription to my site, with videos that contain all of the same information.  It's like attending a conference in your living room every month.

8. When can I join?

NOW! For those of you who want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, click here to join today! Keep an eye on our Bonus Program, as well, to get discounts, promo codes, and sometimes even FREE subscriptions! If you want to be REALLY on top of it and take the most advantage of the bonus offers I have, follow me on twitter @kennyroy, and "Like" our Facebook Page.

9. Is this site secure?

I am using a fully secure credit card processing service.  Find out more at Authorize.Net.

10.  What is the refund policy? 

Full refund for monthly billed subscriptions.  Pro-rated refunds for 3-month and 1-year subscriptions for the remainder of your subscription.  No refunds on downloaded content, sorry.

11. Will you look at my work?

This is something that I can't offer.  Though I am active in the forums and will spur discussion, I cannot agree to look at any work.  Critiquing work is something that AnimationMentor pays me to do, and represents too big a conflict of interest to start doing here.  I am too fully committed to AM to start diverting that energy here.  You really ought to go to AM if you want the best critique available. I do, however, occasionally receive Maya files from subscribers and incorporate them into the @sk Videomails if I feel it is appropriate and necessary for the discussion.

12. I bought previous videos off of when it was blogger site.  Do I get a discount?

Since I am using an off-the-shelf membership package I cannot do fancy things like different member prices.  Also, the price you paid for the individual videos is less than they are being offered now.  Thank you for supporting me when I was doing the videos one at a time; it all went into this new and improved site!

13. Can I preview the archives before I purchase them?

I have made videos of each lecture and @sk videomail that highlights what the videos are about. You can preview these in the store before you make your purchase to make sure this is video you want to order. The Videomails also list the questions included in the month's package description.