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   Animating "Ori and the Blind Forest"
By Tim Sormin
Thursday, Jun 25, 2015 02:37

If you've played the game or seen the trailer you know Ori is visually stunning. James Benson explains how Moon Studios was able to create thousands of Ghibli-style frames of animation with limited time, people, and skills.

For fullscreen with chapter bookmarks click here. For more great content from the last few years of Animation Bootcamp check out the GDC Vault. (FYI anything without a star beside it is free.)

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   Five Stages Of Watching A Pixar Movie
By Mahesh Pagar
Thursday, Jun 25, 2015 07:16

Last week Pixar's Inside Out had record breaking opening weekend at the Box Office. It set an all-time record for both an original animated and live-action movie with $91.1 million(estimated) box office collection.

Here's fun little animated video created by guys at How It Should Have Ended called 'Five Stages of Watching A Pixar Movie.'

Hope you love it. :)

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   Cuphead E3 Trailer
By Jason Bolla
Wednesday, Jun 24, 2015 03:30

A year or two ago a team known as StudioMDHR appeared in the video game scene with something no one knew they wanted until they saw it - a game animated in the style of a 1930s cartoon. While it's (probably) been featured on this site before, the newest trailer from E3 shows several bosses that are just too good to pass up. Whether you are a fan of games or not, it's hard not to appreciate the pain staking effort going into this game for the aesthetic alone. If you're wondering what their process is, you only need look back at the '30s: hand drawn and inked cels, water color backgrounds, and original jazz recordings for the OST. Cuphead shows that animation techniques from the past still hold up in the present world, with many clamoring to play it for its originality.

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   Annecy 2015 Opening Short Films; Alison, Claire, Eve, Lotte, Mary.
By Carlina Prawirawidjaja
Monday, Jun 22, 2015 08:15

Gobelins school without doubt always produces very high quality animation works. The short films above were done by the students for this year's Annecy Animation Festival's opening short film. These short films were also done to pay tribute to Female Animators Alison de Vere, Claire Parker, Evelyn Lambart, Lotte Reiniger and Mary Blair. Each of these short films have very strong emotions and a visual design that correlate with each pioneers, of which highlight their personality, struggle, their work and artistic style, as well as their legacy.
Below is the credit for each short films :

Alison by Adrien Calle, Leïla Courtillon, Martin Hurmane, Nathan Otaño and Jules Rigolle
Claire by Alix Arrault, Jules Durand, Arina Korczynski, Margo Roquelaure and Ines Scheiber
Eve by Simon Anding, Elena Dupressoir, Lucas Durkheim, Paul Reignier and Diane Tran-Duc
Lotte by Hadrien Bonnet, Nicolas Capitaine, Charlène Chesnier, Céline Desoutter and Samuel Klughertz
Mary by Michiru Baudet, Cécile Carre, Viviane Guimarães, Fanou Lefebvre and Léni Marotte

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