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   Borrowed Light
By Mahesh Pagar
Friday, Nov 13, 2015 05:37

Every once in a while there comes animated short film, which is whole as one story, one spirit, which has great design style and beautiful music. Borrowed Light is exactly like that.

The depth in terms of composition and emotional depth that has been created in the Borrowed Light is remarkable.

The style of Borrowed Light is unique. And it perfectly fits the story world, plus director takes an advantage of hand drawn animation whenever possible.

If you noticed clearly, lighting in Borrowed Light is amazing. It just takes the experience to whole new level.

Borrowed light impressed me with how craftily it succeeds in Creating awe, conflict, building character and satisfactorily ending emotional turmoil in very short time without feeling of being crammed too much stuff in small duration.

Lately I have noticed many animated short films either lack narrative or completely transformed thought or spirit, despite of the artistic expertise behind short films.

Borrowed Light of course seems to be an exception.

Official Description of Borrowed Light

The last patron of an abandoned observatory takes on an impossible task to show the surrounding city something incredible. A short animation about conflicting existences, natural wonders, and petty theft on a grand scale.

Director/Animator: Olivia HUYNH
Animation Assistant: Juliana CHEN
Sound Design: Lachlan HARRIS
Music: Joseph BARRATT

Song in Nightclub: 'Ja Mann!' by Edu K (

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   Kyoto Gakuen University TVC : A Butterfly's Dream
By Carlina Prawirawidjaja
Monday, Nov 09, 2015 05:00

This TVC for Kyoto Gakuen University really caught my attention since I have never seen a TVC done in an animation format for a university before. Since Japanese is not my first language, I thought the university is offering an animation course. It turns out that I was wrong. I did a quick research and I was surprised to find out one of the university's faculty is a Bio-Environmental Studies. This explains the butterfly (Parantica Asagimadara) in the TVC. In my humble opinion, I think this is a very interesting approach to attract future students of the university and I think this TVC hits the right demography, which is a younger age group of the future students.

I love that the creators also showcase a breakdown of the TVC as well. It really surprises me that the TVC was done in 3D instead of 2D. The 2D textures and shaders look very convincing. It seems that they also used real-life reference for the set design. The making of the TVC can be seen on the video below. I hope you like it! :)

Making of Kyoto Gakuen University TVC ~A Butterfly's Dream~ from Kohta Morie on Vimeo.

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   Why Props Matter ?
By Mahesh Pagar
Thursday, Nov 05, 2015 04:46

Finally someone made a brilliant video about why props are so inherently important to storytelling. Doesnt matter what storytelling medium it is, props are immensely crucial to the story and character. And if the storyteller is brilliant, props can convey the precise subtexts and create any desired effect the storyteller wants to create for his audience.

Not only that, props even go beyond than just semiotics. They are intrinsic to character persona as well. The character designs tend to stem from themes, character essence and inseparable props of characters enrich character identity and help them stand out.

If you look at the characters in Disney's Big Hero 6, Aladdin or Wreck It Ralph, the props related to characters are integral to the character spine and design.

In 3D, while working on demo reel shots, we tend to limit the props or rather choose not to use them at all, because the Parent Constraints on objects make it harder to animate but it's a great reminder that props can actually elevate the reel shots to whole new level if used brilliantly.

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By William Marsh
Wednesday, Nov 04, 2015 08:28

I have been seeing the word "Anomalisa" crop up a few times in my circles and after checking it out for myself, it seems like an inspiring movie to watch (despite being animated). I like trailers that speak to us as individuals, that ask questions, it really gets my attention.

On the animation side of things, looking at the style they have chosen in this film is a little questionable.. not in a bad way.. it is a style that you rarely see in stop motion and it captures my interest even further because I believe that this realistic finish to the models helps compliment the story arc very well. It helps us relate to the characters because when you look at their face, they seem real.

I think this will be a very good movie to watch. I look forward to seeing it.

hope you like it, have a great week!


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