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From the blog...

The Gap

By Tim Sormin

Thursday, Apr 10, 2014
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This idea went viral a little while ago when Ira Glass put it like this:


But since Ryan Kingslien points out that "just fight your way through" isn't quite good enough sometimes let's put it on a graph like this:


The challenges are still represented, but without showing the "gap" as a valley in the chart it's easy to see how improvement is just around the corner.

The Cat Piano

By Richard Willimot

Wednesday, Apr 09, 2014
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I know we all get tired of cute little cat videos circulating around the web.Let me tell you this ain't that.Directed by Eddie White and Ari Gibson The Cat Piano is an ultra cool short with a Jack Kerouac beat to it.

"Decepticon Truck Crawl"

By Tim Sormin

Tuesday, Apr 08, 2014
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I remember when Keil Figgins posted a test render of just the animation pass a few months ago, but I could stare at this beautifully done character and prop destruction animation on repeat all day. Keil has worked this keyframed magic using a nice rig, custom blendshapes and clusters. Kudos to the rest of the team for the awesome designs, sounds, models, environment, fx and lighting too.

Check out the making-of page and note that many of the thumbnails there are actually Quicktime links.

Studio Technique Registration

By Richard Willimot

Tuesday, Apr 08, 2014
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Sometimes you have to love the internet,to have access to all this wonderful knowledge is amazing.If you've ever wanted to improve your drawing abilities and in turn your posing for animation then you need to sign up.

Yellow Sticky Notes/Canadian Anijam

By Richard Willimot

Monday, Apr 07, 2014
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Many of you might remember Jeff Chiba Stearns from his amazing short Yellow Sticky Notes .Well he's done it again with Yellow Sticky Notes/Canadian Anijam.He has brought together 15 of some of the biggest names in Canadian indie animation.

Have a great week and Happy Animating!